How to Choose the Perfect Counter Top Cabinet

Are you planning to replace your existing counter top for your kitchen renovation? You must select the perfect one for your kitchen and you will surely enjoy doing your work in the kitchen. Do you know that your pick for cabinet will help you select the right counter top for you? You may make any combination from the highly coordinated to high contrast, rugged, elegant and smooth, neutral or attention-grabbing. You must also consider a lot of things in choosing the perfect counter top.

There is a lot of selection that you may consider when you pick your counter top. Initially, you have to decide on what type of counter top you want. There are concrete, granite, linoleum, wood, tile and many others. You may want to combine the materials to fit in the look you want and the budget you have. You may have a wood base with granite sliced held on it, for example. The concrete, though new with this course, provides a lot of variety of selection. The concrete can be poured to be molded into any shape, it can also be painted or dyed with any color and can also be stamped to give some texture. However, the concrete are quite heavy and once it create cracks, it could be hard to repair to make it look as good as before.

The granite is now popular material that would go for high-end kitchens. There are thousands of shades and mottling for the granite. When you use granite for your counter top, it would be easy for you to clean them up and is also of low maintenance. The granite is very durable and it can last for many years without showing any signs of aging – like your face huh? It will be almost impossible, on the other hand, to find some replacement pieces that will exactly match the original pieces. You should also consider that it will be unforgiving when you put down fragile glass with any force on it. While the wood counter tops or butcher block counter tops are some traditional pick. These counter tops can last for a very long time and it can be easy to bring back to its original condition by simply sanding them and resealing them. The wood requires a little more care than many other choices. However, the wood adds an ageless and humid appearance to your kitchen.

bamboo mattressAbove are only a few of the numerous choices that you may consider for counter tops. You just have to make sure that you will have them done by a highly regarded cabinet maker. You may also have the counter top cabinet customized as according to your desire. Or may have go visit the home improvement stores within your community to check on the counter top cabinet that you might find desirable.

However, this thing you have to remember. Whether you have your counter top cabinet customized or bought from the store readymade, which should always go with the whole theme of your kitchen as in the theme of your bedroom where you are using bamboo mattress.